Ortoma Introduces WOTS™ 2D to 3D Planning Solution

2D to 3D is finally here!

As first of its kind, Ortoma combines its innovative solution to convert 2D images to 3D models with its web based AI Surgical planning platform (WOTS™) to create the most striking and powerful platform for Orthopedics. As part of its new AI based web platform (WOTS™), the product offers automated and instant pre-operative planning of joint replacement surgery in 3D. The WOTS™ 2D-3D product is a transformative solution that combines cutting-edge image processing capabilities with advanced artificial intelligence.

Converting 2D images to 3D models offers many benefits, from being able to do 100% of cases in 3D using standard procedure examinations, improving access to better care and at an affordable cost, to workflow and clinical benefits resulting in better patient outcomes.

Available for release in 2024!


Converting 2D X-ray images to 3D models through Ortoma’s cutting-edge solution for pre-operative planning of joint arthroplasty offers a multitude of advantages. This solution enables the use of conventional radiography for creating advanced 3D models and an automated implant suggestion. It makes it possible to plan 100% of cases in 3D by using standard 2D x-ray imaging in joint replacement surgery, without the need for CT-scans. It enables healthcare professionals to make a patient specific and automated preoperative plan that maximizes care with minimal effort. The streamlined workflow and clinical benefits also contribute to improved patient outcomes, further solidifying Ortoma’s commitment to advancing orthopedic treatments.

Key benefits


  • Advantages of CT without the need for CT scans
  • Uses regular images (X-Rays) to generate a 3D model
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Optimization with OTS Platform
  • Can be used for Surgical planning


  • Do 100% of cases in 3D based on standard Procedures Examinations
  • Scanner system agnostic
  • Designed to follow the Surgeon’s workflow
  • Less than 30 seconds image conversion
  • Reduces need for multiple trays in the OR
  • Saves Time in the OR


  • Personalized Pre-Op plan, in 3D, for every patient’s individual anatomy
  • Lower cost than CT scans
  • Better Patient Accessibility
  • Optimized patient pathway
  • Time efficient with scan, plan and surgery same day

WOTS™ 2D-3D Knee

Knee solution available for release in 2024!

  • Do a kinematic alignment from an X-Ray
  • No need for calibration Object
  • Create a model from standard examinations
  • Optimize implant positioning and plan implants in all axis
  • Offers more information and details previously not available in an X-ray leading to better surgical planning

Next planned releases

We are planning to release our WOTS™ 2D-3D solution for:

  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Foot and Ankle

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