Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Orthopaedic Therapy

Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) provides a system entirely operated by hospital staff to improve orthopaedic surgical performance through advanced 3D visualisation, artificial intelligence, and integrated software.

The platform automatically generates a pre-operative plan, easy to fine-tune, and is instantly available in the operating room. During surgery, the real-time navigation guides the surgeon towards the pre-planned position. The system allows each surgeon to reduce variation in surgical results and improve the patient’s outcome.

Three Steps in One Solution


The software applies artificial intelligence (AI) to automate anatomical landmark identification and bone segmentation. It generates suitable implants and suggests positions within seconds. Then, the surgeon makes the final adjustments and approves them. The pre-operative plan is readily available for surgery within minutes in the OR.


The surgeon has an intra-operated, real-time navigation tool at his/her disposal. The tool helps to accurately guide the implant to the position established in pre-operative care. The surgeon can optimise performance while avoiding the risk of sub-optimal restoration or the risk of dislocation of the implant due to sub-optimal placement. This also avoids unnecessary wear and increases the implant’s lifecycle.


After the surgery, the software uses AI to analyse the surgery results. The implant position is automatically detected and verified. Over time, the surgeon can compare multiple scans to follow migration or wear of the implants.


AI Support from Pre-operative Planning to Post-operative Follow Up.

OTS™ Plan is a powerful software that expedites processes and assists surgeons during pre-operative planning and post-operative follow-up. The software employs artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the information required for clinical conclusions automatically.

OTS™ Plan identifies landmarks and suggests suitable implants within seconds. The software allows surgeons to focus on the treatment strategy, make final adjustments, and approve surgery plans. The advanced 3D visualization enables surgeons to adapt to each unique case and anticipate situations during surgery. 


Ensures Precision During Surgery

OTS™ Guide is an intra-operative navigation tool guiding surgeons to place the implant in the pre-operatively planned position. Seamless integration with OTS™ Plan makes the pre-operative plan instantly available for surgery. The navigation module guides surgeons in real-time to place the implants accurately. OTS™ Hip Guide is currently available for hip replacement surgery.