Ortoma Treatment Solution™(OTS)

 – for the new generation of hip surgery

To meet future needs to restore biomechanics in surgery, Ortoma has developed a unique solution that may allow orthopedic surgeons to provide individualized treatments to each of their patients with potentially improved outcome and safety

With the integrated operation system Ortoma Treatment Solution™ – our aim is to provide solutions that enables the surgeon to carry out its arthroplasty in a better way:

  • higher precision and 3D planning for implant placement and selection of the right implant before surgery
  • higher precision being guided to the correct placement of an implant during surgery and facilitate the operation process in minimal invasive surgery
  • restoring patient biomechanics and movement patterns with a new prosthesis
  • with a better quality than traditional implant surgery
  • with a reduced risk of luxation (ie, the implant dislocates)
  • to increase the opportunity for a longer life of implants

Our aim with Ortoma Treatment Solution™ are to provide a system that enables the surgeons, to plan for an optimal anatomical reconstruction of the patient’s hip, knee or spine in advance of surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon can measure where the prosthetic implant should be placed and be guided to the correct position by alignment between planning and actual measurement of the patient’s anatomy during surgery.