In accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting in 2014 and before the Annual General Meeting     scheduled to May 21, 2015, the three largest shareholders in Ortoma AB appointed their representatives in the   Nominating Committee together with the Company's Chairman. The Nomination Committee consists of:

• Klementina Osterberg, Chairman of the Board
• Matts Andersson, private possession, appointed Chairman of the Committee
• Jesper Dahlgren, representing GU Holding AB
• Stay Rydlinger, representing Ortnova Intressenter

Together, the three largest shareholders at the time of the appointment of the nominating committee held 64.9%  of the company's outstanding total number of votes.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare proposals on the following matters to be presented to the AGM for        decision:

a) proposal for Chairman of the Meeting;
b) proposed number of directors, deputy directors and the number of auditors;
c) proposal for remuneration to the chairman, respectively. Members of the Board;
d) the fees to the auditors;
e) election of the Chairman and other Board members and election of auditors;
f) The proposed guidelines for appointing members of the Nomination Committee and the Nomination Committee

Questions answered by Klementina Österberg, Chairman, on phone +(46)704 40 11 90.