Ortoma – Listing of Ortoma shares on AktieTorget

Published February 3, 2014

Ortoma is developing a surgical system for joint surgery and is planning a 12 MSEK share issue before listing the company’s B shares on AktieTorget. The share offering and the listing is part of the accelerated development and commercialization plan for the Ortoma products. Underwriting commitments of ~5 MSEK have been signed.
At Ortoma AB’s Board Meeting on the 30th of January 2014 the decision was made, with authorization from the Extraordinary General Meeting the 21st of November 2013, to issue shares to the general public ahead of listing the Company on the Stock Market Square. The first subscription is scheduled to be on the 13th of February 2014. The memorandum, teaser and application form will be available at the beginning of the subscription period on the websites of Ortoma, AktieTorget and Sedermera Fondkommission, dev.ortoma.com, www.aktietorget.se and www.sedermera.se respectively.
Summary of the offer
– 12 MSEK of new shares will be issues
– ~5 MSEK of underwriting commitments secured
– 3,000,000 B shares and 1,500,000 warrants will be issued
– The lower limit on SEK of the issuance of shares is 5 MSEK, and thereby
also for the listing
– If the issue is fully subscribed and all of the associated warrants are used
to the highest price the Company will raise another 8.25 MSEK
– The value of the Company prior to issue is ~24.6 MSEK
– The subscription period is the 13 – 27th February 2014
–  Listing on AktieTorget is scheduled for the 31st of March 2014
About Ortoma
Ortoma AB develops surgical systems for the planning and positioning of implants for hip joint, knee joint and spine surgery. The company’s surgical system, Ortoma Treatment Solution™, assists surgeons before surgery to measure and plan the placement of joint implants in 3D and during surgery to position the implant in the ideal place in every patient. The Ortoma surgical system improves the quality of implant surgery, reduces the number of revision surgeries and provides better surgical outcomes for patients. Ortoma intends to use the capital injection to complete the development of the Ortoma Treatment Solution™ and to launch the product on the market in 2015.
Globally ~5.5 million orthopedic procedures including hip joint, knee joint and spine surgery are performed annually. About 16,000 hip joint replacement surgeries are performed annually in Sweden alone making it an excellent market for Ortoma to focus on initially.
Ortoma CEO, Bertil G. Larsson, comments
‘Ortoma is going through a very exciting phase where development is entering a busy period in preparation for the launch of the Ortoma surgical system’ says Bertil G. Larsson. ‘We are committed to revolutionizing implant surgery in a similar manner to the revolution that has occurred in dentistry. The intention is to reach a global market and this journey has only just begun. We want to make the company available to the public through a listing on AktieTorget.  The Board and I would like to welcome you in joining us on this exciting journey.’
Welcome to the information sessions and webinar
Ortoma will hold information sessions and a webinar to provide more information about the company’s operations and future plans. The sessions will be free of charge and light refreshments will be provided.
• Uddevalla – 18:30 on 18 th of February 2014 – Högskolecentrum Bohuslän, Östergatan18.
• Stockholm – 18:00 on 19th of February – Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23.
• Göteborg – 18:00 on 26th of February 2014 – Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Södra Hamng 59-65
• Webinar – 10:00 on 25th of February – AktieTorgets website (www.aktietorget.se)
For registration or further information about the information sessions, please contact:
Later Brokerage at email: [email protected] or by phone: 0431-47 17 00th
For questions regarding the offering, please contact:
Sedermera Fondkommission
Telephone: +46431-47500
E-mail: [email protected]
Later Securities is acting as financial advisor to the Company in connection with the offering ahead of listing on the Stock Market Square.
For additional information about Ortoma, please contact:
Klementina Österberg, Chairman, telephone +46704401190
Bertil G. Larsson, CEO, phone +46702997510
E-mail: [email protected]

About Ortoma AB (publ)
Ortoma AB develops surgical systems for the planning and positioning of implants in hip, knee and spinal surgery. The purpose of the company’s surgical system, Ortoma Treatment Solution™ (OTS) is to enable surgeons to accurately measure and plan 3D surgery for the placement of joint implants, and during surgery, to optimally position the implant in the patient. Ortoma’s surgical system is aimed at providing better patient outcomes, fewer complications and less follow-up surgeries – and thus better long-term survival rates for implants. OTS is a system that is easily integrated into the processes and routines currently used in surgery, thereby increasing efficiency. Globally, more than 7.5 million orthopedic procedures are performed each year where OTS could be used in hip, knee and spinal surgery. In Sweden, around 42,000 surgical procedures were performed last year, involving hip, knee or spinal surgery. Ortoma’s B shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm.