Vinnova has awarded Ortoma with a EUREKA grant of €180 000.
   EUREKA is a European inter-governmental initiative, with the objective of raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. It also aims to boost national economies on the international market and to strengthen the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment in Europe.
   To meet the needs of restoring biomechanics in orthopedic surgery, Prof Matts Andersson and his experienced R&D team, have developed a treatment solution including a 3D preoperative software program – Ortoma Plan; and an easy-to-use intraoperative navigation system – Ortoma Guide. The EUREKA grant will be used to finalize development and validattion of Ortoma Guide.
”The EUREKA grant gives Ortoma an opportunity to provide orthopedic surgeons with a solution that may lead to improved and more precise outcomes. We now expect a market launch in 2013”,  says Mrs. Petra Apell, business developer at Ortoma.
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