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Ortoma has received information about the InfoTech in Western AB, owned by entrepreneur Roy Forslund, acquired 150,000 Class A shares of Ortnova Intressenter AB.

Ortoma AB, listed on AktieTorget has received information about the InfoTech in Western AB acquired
150,000 A shares of Ortoma from Ortnova Intressenter AB. Infotech in Western AB, controlled by entrepreneur Roy Forslund, who has extensive experience in running IT companies and is active in the sector. As announced previously acquired Infotech in Western AB during March 344 250 B shares.

Following completion of the transaction amounts Infotech in Western AB’s holding in Ortoma 150 000 A shares and 919,981 B shares, equivalent to 10.07 percent of the capital and 12.05 percent of the votes. Following the transaction the Ortnova Intressenter AB’s holding in Ortoma to 185 000 class B shares, equivalent to 1.74 percent of the capital and 0.92 percent of the votes.

– We have previously conveyed to our assessment is that Roy Forslund will become a strategic shareholder in Ortoma when he has the expertise to understand the business and have been declared a long-term commitment to the company. The acquisition of 150 000 A shares strengthens this notion further, says Håkan Sterner, Acting President and CFO of Ortoma AB.

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Håkan Sterner, T.F. President and CFO
Phone: 031-786 5163 or 070-810 1095
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Ortoma AB develops operating systems for planning and positioning of the implant at the hip, knee and spine surgery. The company’s operating system, the OTS ™ (Ortoma Treatment Solution) makes it easier for surgeons to pre-operative measuring and planning in 3D for the placement of a joint implants and surgical positioning the implant in the patient. Ortoma operating system gives the patient the opportunity for a better surgical outcomes, increases the quality of performed interventions and reducing the number of reoperations. Global conducted more than 7.5 million orthopedic procedures every year where the OTS ™ can be used in hip, knee and spine surgery. In Sweden conducted the previous year 42 600 interventions in the hip, knee and spine surgery. Ortoma has about 700 shareholders and the company’s B share is listed on AktieTorget.