Ortoma has a license agreement with Skåne University Hospital to use and evaluate Ortoma’s system for 3D pre-operative planning for total hip replacement (THR).
Dr Gunnar Flivik, orthopeadic surgeon at Skåne University Hospital, evaluated Ortoma’s 3D pre-operative planning system in a clinical setting while planning total hip replacement surgery. During the evaluation Dr Flivik used a conventional 2D system surgical planning tool and compared this conventional system with the newly developed 3D system, Ortoma Plan, for hip replacement.  Dr Flivik confirmed that the system worked successfully.  Dr Flivik recognized several advantages with 3D planning versus conventional 2D planning.
Dr Flivik said ‘From my clinical perspective view, a system such as Ortoma Plan has the potential for several clinical benefits. With the Ortoma system analysis and planning would be possible in real three dimension during pre-operative planning, which is not possible today with conventional 2D-systems during a total hip replacement (THR)’
The 3D planning system Ortoma Plan is part of the Ortoma Treatment Solutions (OTS) which is a complete surgical planning and guiding system for joint replacement under development.
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