Ortoma announces that it has a new strategic shareholder in Roy Forslund, through his company Infotech i Väst AB, who has acquired more than half GU Holdings shareholding. Ortoma AB, listed on AktieTorget, has been informed that Infotech i Väst AB has acquired a large stake in Ortoma from GU Holding.

State owned GU Holding purpose of the operation was, to ensure that Ortoma get into a new strategic and financially strong shareholder by Infotech i Väst AB. The company is controlled by entrepreneur Roy Forslund, who has extensive experience running IT companies and is active in the sector.

– We believe that Roy Forslund will become a strategic shareholder in the company because he has the skills to understand the business and have declared a commitment to Ortoma. Ortoma is one of the GU Holding’s most successful companies and we are pleased to be able to sell part of its holding when we found a buyer that we deem to be good for Ortoma, says Håkan Sterner, Ortoma CFO and GU Holding Vice President and CFO.

– I believe in the Ortoma product line that is highly interesting, says Roy Forslund. They have a modern technological solution for healthcare, where I see a great potential for Ortoma.

Infotech i Väst AB, owns following completion of the transaction 344 250 shares representing 3.24% of the shares and 1.71% of the votes in Ortoma. GU Holding after the transaction owns 300,000 shares of Ortoma (of which 150,000 voting A shares). GU Holding has thus 2.82% of the shares and 8.22% of the votes.

– The deal for GU Holding, as one of the largest shareholders of Ortoma, freeing up capital to invest in new companies at a very early stage, says Klementina Österberg, CEO of GU Holding and also chairman of Ortoma and member of the voting committee. We will continue to be engaged in Ortoma on several levels.

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