On the annual meeting in Ortoma AB on the 17th of May four new members were appointed to the Board of Directors. The board will now consist of six members in total with one alternate. Klementina Österberg, CEO at GU Holding who represents one of the largest owners, will continue as Chairman of the Board, Prof. Tommy Hansson will continue as board member and Håkan Sterner, the deputy CEO of GU Holding, as alternate. Mr Sterner is also acting CFO for the company.
The new Board of Directors in Ortoma is:
Klementina Österberg, Chairman, Prof. Tommy Hansson, Prof. Gunnar Németh, Elisabeth Liljensten, Viktor Siewertz and Daniel M. Andersson.
– I’m very pleased that Ortoma now have formed a stronger team to the board who represent long experience from various sectors such as healthcare, medtech and finance. I’m confident that these new members will strengthen Ortoma to become a leader in surgical planning and navigational guidance to the orthopaedic market, Mrs Österberg says.
For more information please visit dev.ortoma.com or contact
Klementina Österberg, Chairman, +46 70 441 11 90 or [email protected]