Ortoma Board announces that it implements an organizational change prior to market launch, with the result that Ortoma CEO, Bertil G. Larsson leave his employment in agreement with the Board. Ortoma has appointed the company’s CFO, Håkan Sterner, as acting CEO.

Ortoma faces an exciting period where the company’s product OTS, Ortoma Treament Solution, will soon be ready for market launch. Prior to this work,  the Ortoma board is searching for a new CEO with international management and sales experience from the med tech industry. The Board has initiated the recruitment process for a new CEO.

– We are now moving into a new phase in which more focus will be on marketing and sales. A natural step in Ortoma development is therefore to pursue further activities in fast pace, with extended expertise in these areas. We will continue to meet with candidates, while we already met several interesting people with whom we have a dialogue. I would like to point out that Ortoma during Bertil’s management has developed extremely well and now stands in a very favorable position for the future. Bertil has decisively and with great dedication contributed to the company’s success. We thank Bertil for his dedicated contribution and wish him well in his future work, says Klementina Österberg, Chairman of the Board.

Ortoma has appointed the company’s CFO, Håkan Sterner, as acting CEO. Håkan Sterner will be engaged in this post April 1, 2015 in connection with Bertil G. Larsson leaving his position. Together with other members of the team Hakan will continue running the company according to plan until a new CEO is in place.

For more information, please contact:
– Klementina Österberg, Chairman, +(46) 70-440 1190, [email protected]
– Håkan Sterner, Acting Managing Director and CFO, +(46)31-786 5163, 070-810 1095, [email protected]