Ortoma to Showcase Revolutionary Solution for Converting X-ray images to 3D models at ISTA Congress ahead of Market Release scheduled in 2024

Published September 25, 2023

Ortoma AB (publ), a trailblazer in the realm of orthopedic technology, is set to make a groundbreaking impact at the annual International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) congress in New York. The company will unveil its innovative solution for converting 2D x-ray images to 3D-models. As part of its new AI based web platform (WOTS™), the product offers automated and instant pre-operative planning of joint replacement surgery in 3D. The WOTS 2D-3D product is a transformative solution that combines cutting-edge image processing capabilities with advanced artificial intelligence.

As the first of its kind, Ortoma’s WOTS™ 2D-3D solution represents a major breakthrough in orthopedics. Ortoma is now moving fast, taking its concept for converting 2D x-ray images to 3D-models to a product for pre-operative planning of joint replacement surgery. Starting with knees, Ortoma plans to launch the product to end-users on the market in 2024. By seamlessly converting 2D X-ray images into detailed and accurate 3D models, the product provides automated and instant pre-operative planning requiring minimal effort and empowers surgeons with comprehensive understanding of a patient’s anatomy, facilitating more precise surgical planning.

The new WOTS™ 2D-3D solution is now on Ortomas website where further details are available as this product marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history. The website, accessible at https://ortoma.com/wots-2d-3d/, provides an overview of the technology and its capabilities.

Converting 2D X-ray images to 3D models through Ortoma’s cutting-edge solution for pre-operative planning of joint arthroplasty offers a multitude of advantages. This solution enables the use of conventional radiography for creating advanced 3D models and an automated implant suggestion. It makes it possible to plan 100% of cases in 3D by using standard 2D x-ray imaging in joint replacement surgery, without the need for CT-scans. It enables healthcare professionals to make a patient specific and automated preoperative plan that maximizes care with minimal effort. The streamlined workflow and clinical benefits also contribute to improved patient outcomes, further solidifying Ortoma’s commitment to advancing orthopedic treatments.

Ortoma will attend the ISTA congress scheduled to take place from September 27th to 30th, 2023 in New York City. ISTA centers around the theme “Emerging Technologies in Arthroplasty: Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” The congress aims to showcase technical solutions addressing current clinical challenges in arthroplasty. As such, Ortoma will present two abstracts (one focusing on AI-based 2D-to-3D reconstruction in total knee arthroplasty, the other focusing on fully automated AI-based Post-op CT analysis in total hip arthroplasty) as the company continues to pioneer technology that leverages its AI-based technology.

To schedule a live presentation and demonstration of Ortoma’s groundbreaking WOTS 2D to 3D solution and the WOTS™ platform, interested parties can contact Dave Sheppard of MedWorld Advisors at [email protected] or call +1 978 684 2712. Alternatively, appointments can be arranged by reaching out to Ortoma directly at [email protected]. For additional information about Ortoma and its ground-breaking innovations, please visit the website at www.ortoma.com.

About Ortoma AB (publ)
Ortoma AB develops surgical systems for the planning and positioning of implants in hip, knee and spinal surgery. The purpose of the company’s surgical system, Ortoma Treatment Solution™ (OTS) is to enable surgeons to accurately measure and plan 3D surgery for the placement of joint implants, and during surgery, to optimally position the implant in the patient. Ortoma’s surgical system is aimed at providing better patient outcomes, fewer complications and less follow-up surgeries – and thus better long-term survival rates for implants. OTS is a system that is easily integrated into the processes and routines currently used in surgery, thereby increasing efficiency. Globally, more than 7.5 million orthopedic procedures are performed each year where OTS could be used in hip, knee and spinal surgery. In Sweden, around 42,000 surgical procedures were performed last year, involving hip, knee or spinal surgery. Ortoma’s B shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm.