Ortoma launches OTS 5 according to plan

14 Dec 2020

Ortoma, manufacturer of surgical assistive technology for planning and positioning of implants, launches the latest version of the company’s surgical system Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS), which is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Ongoing active market feedback has revealed unmet clinical

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World-class Performance with Assistance of Artificial Intelligence

12 Dec 2019

In the latest version of Ortoma Treatment Solution, OTS 4, Ortoma has introduced support of Artificial Intelligence. The system drastically reduces the time needed for pre-operatively planning of a hip implant in 3D, which has created a big interest for

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Ortoma initiates expansion with module for spine surgery

08 Nov 2019

Safer and more accurate surgical outcome of spine surgery with Ortoma’s surgical system
After a period of assessment of Ortoma’s surgical system for hip surgery, the company is now taking the step next step and initiates expansion of Ortoma Treatment

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