Improved Performance for Patients, Surgeons and Hospital/Clinics

The Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) has been designed to support any type of orthopaedic joint or spine surgery. Assisted by advanced AI, surgeons are able to optimize patient outcomes thru pre-operative planning, surgical navigation, and post-op verification. Ortoma currently focuses on hip arthroplasty and spine surgery. Areas to follow are knee, lower and upper extremities, shoulder orthopedic surgery as well as neurosurgery. Ortoma’s goal is to improve the lives of patients by providing novel disruptive surgical technologies and solutions.

Ortoma Focus Areas






Fully Developed, Clinically Validated, and Ready for Market Globally

The Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) for hip replacement surgery is FDA cleared and CE Marked (as OTS™ Hip Plan and OTS™ Hip Guide) and is in clinical use in several locations. Assisted by AI, patient results are optimized through pre-operative planning, surgical navigation, and post-operative follow-ups. Pre-operative planning in 3D can dramatically reduce the time spent in pre-operative care. It gives surgeons the required measurements, access to the individual anatomical landmarks, as well as the type, size, offset, and orientation of the prosthetic components.

OTS™ Hip Guide, used in the operating room, includes a small footprint ambulatory equipment and is entirely operated by the surgeon. During surgery, the system guides the surgeon while placing the implants in the intended positions, resulting in better performance and optimal surgical results.

Finally, the OTS™ system automatically analyses post-operative scans to generate follow-up data even years after the surgery. The implant’s pre-planned position is compared with its final placement and, subsequently, can be followed with the follow-up scans.


Regulatory Cleared and Ready for Market 

The Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) for spine surgery is CE Marked (as OTS™ Spine Plan) and ready for market in Europe. The pre-operatively planning software is designed to support orthopaedic spine surgery. The platform can manage both CT and X-Ray data, which are standard imaging methods for such procedures. Extension to support MRI data is under development. Using the spine surgery module, the surgeon can easily plan the process using all available imaging data. 

In minutes, the platform’s AI pre-processes the data, generates information, and suggests implant positions. The platform can simulate deformity correction, including osteotomies, and stabilisation. It drastically reduces the time spent in pre-operative planning of scoliosis, instability, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and disc herniation.


Suitable for all versions of knee arthroplasty

The Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) also assists in knee replacement surgery. Today, OTS™ Plan already uses AI to separate knee joints and identify landmarks in the knee while planning for surgery. We are developing an extension OTS™ to support knee replacement surgery.


In Development

We are developing an extension to Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS™) to cover shoulders, hand and foot reconstructive surgery, and upper/lower extremities where high precision surgery is vital for restoring the patient’s biomechanics and movement patterns.