Improved performance

Ai assisted surgery

Ortoma Treatment Solution™ (OTS™) is an orthopedic digital, server-based integrated AI platform designed to optimize patient outcomes through surgical planning, precision surgical navigation, post-operative verification, and follow-up. This platform is used at the point of care and provides immediate integration into the hospital system. Ortoma Treatment Solution™ provides an optimal medical outcome for patients, surgeons, and hospitals/clinics.

Our Mission at Ortoma

Our mission is to provide intuitive, precision cutting-edge solutions to improve outcomes in orthopaedic surgeries. Our goal is to enable surgeons to control the entire surgical process, from pre-operative planning of surgery to postoperative follow-up, leading to optimized medical results for patients, surgeons, and hospital/clinics.

Ai Assisted


Surgical accuracy

Ai assisted surgery

World-class Performance

Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

The Ortoma Treatment Solution™ offers a server-based artificial intelligence platform designed for orthopaedic surgeries. This system drastically reduces the time of pre-operative planning of orthopaedic procedures in 3D. The OTS™ platform performs an automated AI analysis that will serve as the basis for pre-operative planning. It generates the suggested plan in minutes, including bone segmentation, landmarks, implant size, and implant position. The surgeon can fine-tune and validate the plan in just a few minutes through a simple and intuitive process. The whole pre-operative process is instantly available in the operating room increasing time efficiency. OTS™ contributes to providing the best outcome for the patient.

Artificial intelligence including advanced machine learning algorithms is built into the platform to reduce the number of processes, improve the replication of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and connect pre-operative planning with surgical navigation while optimizing precision and efficiency for the surgeon.