Ortoma arrange workshop for surgeons at Chalmers University of Technology

19 Jun 2013

Surgical skill meets industry perfection
The surgical field has a unique opportunity to utilize state of the art industry standards to improve orthopaedic surgical methods.
Ortoma, a development company in the orthopaedic surgical field, held an exclusive workshop at Chalmers …

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Ortoma appoints new Board of Directors

17 May 2013

On the annual meeting in Ortoma AB on the 17th of May four new members were appointed to the Board of Directors. The board will now consist of six members in total with one alternate. Klementina Österberg, CEO at GU …

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Oversubscribed issue of shares in Ortoma

15 May 2013

Ortoma have raised a total of 4 million SEK in a funding round that was closed this summer. It has been oversubscribed and many new investors are welcomed, as owners, as well as existing owners who have strengthened their positions …

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